The Cartoon Art Gallery provides a special space for lectures, workshops, events, private exhibits, and continues to collaborate with curators and artists, to expand the reach of its exhibition program and goals.

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The Cartoon Art Gallery is one of a kind based in the city of Dubai UAE, it represents a multi-generational mix of regional and international artists. The Gallery’s program is focused on cartoon artists from the Middle East and abroad working across different media, traditional and new, who employ a creative based approach. We also give a platform for artists, both regional and International to showcase, sale and nurture art and creativity. We aim to bring illustrators, cartoonists, animators, and more to communicate cultural diversity of cartoons from around the world in the fields of comics, animation, children book illustration, concept art, and caricatures.

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The Gallery continues to grow and support more artists. The Cartoon Art Gallery also presents special collaborative projects. To know more about the latest updates, please visit our YouTube Channel and subscribe.

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