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The Cartoon Art Gallery is the first gallery in the Middle East specifically for the art of cartooning and animation. Located near Zabeel Studio, Street 8 of Al Qouz 1 area of Dubai, the gallery is striving to be the place for independent artists of the region and internationally to showcase their cartoon creations and more. We are here to serve the community with unique exhibits and artistic and creative programs.

The gallery is open to exhibits related to animation, cartoons, comics, caricatures, illustrations, concept art, and children book illustrations, and other forms of Art. We accept different forms of media from traditional paint and ink to digital prints and video. We also give a platform for artists, both regional and International to showcase, sale and nurture art and creativity.


Our mission is to highlight the talent of regional cartoonists to the public and give them an open forum to express themselves in a casual atmosphere. The gallery is also a place where it can offer workshops to educate the fundamentals of cartooning, animation, storytelling, and drawing to people of all ages and backgrounds.

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