Private Exhibits

The gallery is open to exhibitions of artists, galleries, and other organizations. We are open to both Solo and group shows. Here we assist the client in curating, promoting, and organizing an exhibition and sale of artworks. We work along with the client to understand their requirement and guide and give them our best service. We have great space with excellent adjustable lighting, a perfect hanging system, and additional movable walls space. We have exhibited artworks of many great Artists in the past.

Classes & Workshops

The gallery is also a place where it can offer workshops or classes to educate the fundamentals of cartooning, animation, storytelling, and drawing to people of all ages and backgrounds. We also offer both basic and advanced workshops and classes for all ages by experienced teachers and renowned Masters specialized in their skill. The 1st level is exclusively designed for classes and workshops. We are also open to field trips from schools.


We offer space for other private events like birthday parties, baby shower, meetups, etc. The gallery also offers space to organizations, companies, and corporations to host their private events. Stress-relieving art workshops, team building workshops, new launches, annual meetings, etc. are some of the past events.

Space for Lectures

The gallery space is designed for lectures, seminars, etc. We provide space and other additional services like display, seating arrangements, audiovisual facility, photography, and promotion, PR, F&B, etc. We can accommodate up to 60 people in the 1st level and 80-100 in the ground level.

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